Join Dart as he conquers boredom in the name of science (and treats).

This statement should come as no surprise to my friends and family: I’m a crazy dog mom. For crying out loud, my dog Dart has a chiropractor that does house calls. He’d have soooo many more clothes if only he didn’t have such an awkwardly loveable sausage-dog body. Dachshunds have held my heart since 2006 and you could say I’m slightly obsessed. Thankfully, I’m also a new occupational therapist, which takes up a bit of my time, and keeps me from going fully insane. I do get to talk to *real* people, not just my doggo.

What does occupational therapy have to do with my love of dogs, you ask?

Here’s the thing: occupational therapy has all kinds of great theories that I can apply to my dachshund’s life. For example, occupational therapists believe:

  • Everyone has unique and meaningful “occupations.” These aren’t necessarily jobs, but any meaningful activity that a person engages in
  • Participating in valued occupations can positively influence a person’s physical and mental health.

Now, let’s apply the above statements to my dear dachshund Dart.

  • Dart has meaningful activities and occupations to engage in every time we play a game, go for a walk, experience something new, or even cuddle on the couch.
  • Exercising and playing games can make Dart happier and healthier.

The intersection of occupational therapy theory and my love of dogs led me to what we’ll call a “pet project.” I theorize that if I can use my OT brain to give my dog plenty of enriching and novel activities, it will add incredible value to his life and happiness.

And, he might just love me more ❤

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