Sensory 101

Most people will only talk about 5 senses, maybe even a 6th in rare cases, but humans actually have 8 senses! And I’m pretty sure dogs have 8 senses too.

So, what are all these extra senses you didn’t know about?

Here are the most well-known senses:

  • Visual/sight
  • Auditory/sound
  • Tactile/touch
  • Gustatory/taste
  • Olfactory/smell

And the 3 lesser-known senses:

  • Vestibular- where our body is oriented in space, for example, whether you’re standing up straight or moving
  • Proprioception- where one body part is in relation to another
  • Interoception- sensations inside the body, such as hunger

But what does it mean for Dart, or any dog???

I theorize that if I appeal to my dog’s senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, he will experience greater mental stimulation and feel a little less bored and little more satisfied with his life.

In contrast, if I stimulate ALL of his senses at once, he might just get overwhelmed.

If I can find the “just right” challenge for Dart (gotta love those OT phrases), it means I will have created the perfect level of activity that stimulates his senses and keeps him active and engaged in his life ❤

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