Food fun

Yesterday we had a lot going on, relative to living and working during a pandemic. Poor Dart, we had to leave him alone at home for almost 6 hours!

It was time to step up my game.

If Dart was going to be home alone all day, I definitely had to make sure he wouldn’t spend all that time anxious and alone. I mean, he’s just not used to extended time without his people during these days of working from home. A Kong stuffed with Greenies and spray cheese just wasn’t going to be enough.

We started with a breakfast game. While I distracted Dart with his breakfast in the kitchen, I also snuck over to the living room to hide morsels of food everywhere. As a dachshund, his height really limits the areas I can hide his food, but I made it work. He had bits of kibble hidden on end tables, speakers, the base of a lamp, and even on his dog ramp. Yes, he has a ramp to climb on and off the couch without hurting his back 🙂 Can anyone say spoiled?!

Since he didn’t see where I hid the pieces of food, Dart faced real puzzle when it was time to locate the remainder of his meal. Thankfully we’ve played this game before, so when I say “find it” he really knows to get to work. It was the “just right challenge” for him, struggling a little to find his snacks but being amply rewarded when he found his pieces of Royal Canin’s dachshund formula.

Who else has graduated to buying an expensive breed-specific dog food like an obsessed person, lol?

Dart used multiple senses to find his food. Yay for sensory-enhanced enrichment experiences! His sight helped him out a little bit, but you could especially hear that little nose going to work to discover all his treats hidden around the room. He had a blast!

In addition to this little game, Dart went for a walk to get even more mental stimulation. What I mean is, I carried him past the scary construction noises, then we walked. Sensory overload! But that’s a story for another day.

I think Dart was quite the satisfied little pup after all these invigorating sensory experiences and the Kong in his cage. He did just fine while we were out, as reported by Rosie our petcam ❤

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