Puzzling Toys

Dart can’t help but be interested in food.

So why not play more games based around his breakfast?! We LOVE this ball, the food is tucked away in the bottom half and has to make it through each level of the ball, like a little puzzle. Dart has to roll it around the house, knocking it into every piece of furniture or baseboard, before he can enjoy his food.

Dart enjoys this toy so much because it stimulates so many senses and his mind has to work through the “just right challenge” to solve the problem. He’s immersed in smelling the food inside, listening to it roll around, feeling the ball beneath his paw (he’s left-pawed, actually), and finally being rewarded with seeing his food fall on the floor.

After this pup’s morning of breakfast fun, he gets an A+ in mental health for the day ❤

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