Affordable Dinner Antics

Someday, Dart is going to get mad at me for making it so hard to eat his meals!

This week we got into the recycle, reduce, reuse theme and created a new toy out of an ordinarily single-use object in our house.

Cue all the cute images of Dart with a tissue box.

Honestly, this was a super easy game to set up for Dart. We finished a box of tissues and I carefully removed the thin plastic at the opening of the box. I simply don’t need to find out what happens if Dart eats little bits of plastic, and I definitely want to avoid cleaning ripped up plastic bits off the living room rug.

So, here’s our simple new puzzle toy. Dart’s long little snout fits perfectly in the opening, but he’s still got to work a little bit to get his dinner out of every corner.

Two nice things happen when Dart eats his dinner this way. First, Dart gets exposure to a new and unique sensory experience. His food makes a wonderfully exciting noise while it moves around inside of a cardboard box. He gets to see, smell, and interact with his food in a new way and get a new sensory experience touching the tissue box.

Second, Dart gets to participate in the just-right challenge to increase his mental stimulation and motivation. Getting to his food involves a bit of effort, but the challenge isn’t so overwhelming that he gives up. This mental stimulation is a perfect way to positively impact his mental health.

Now I just need him to keep building up his confidence and stop being such a scaredy-dog.

This pup sure can jump fast when something surprises him ❤

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