Celebrating National Pet Day

Just about every day is pet day at our house, but when given a national day to recognize our pets, I say go for it! Let’s be honest, my dog Dart is kind of my main man (sorry, husband); however, both of my guys have been getting a little neglected recently thanks to four new foster kittens in our home. At just over two weeks old, these little furballs need round-the-clock care and were closed to running me ragged last week. Despite all the craziness that goes along with currently having five fur babies, I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. Watching all these goofs grow and play is unlike any other pastime!

Over Spring Break I really got the itch to become a pet parent again. With no work all week, half marathon training recently behind me, and no human fosters in recent history, it seemed like a great time to take on a foster pet. I didn’t apply quickly enough to get the baby rabbit I had my eye on, but thanks to some kind of sorcery I convinced my husband that I could bring home a litter of kittens instead. The shelter had the perfect names for my little Twilight crew: Edward, Jacob, Renesme, and Emmett. Can you believe how tiny they all are?! Bottle babies are definitely one of the cutest stages, and that quality sure helps me wake up during weird hours of the night to feed their precious little faces.

These tiny kitties have no mama right now, so it’s all on me! And their big ‘brother’ sure works hard to keep an eye on them too. I always find him camped out outside the kitten room waiting and keeping watch until feeding time is over. Or Dart is just waiting to nibble off one kitten leg; I don’t want to find out. The kitten babies quickly learned to eat from a bottle, they’re learning how to walk, they’re starting to climb and play and explore, and one in particular has captured my heart. Can you tell I’m never going to let that little black kitten go? I need to make sure that he doesn’t bother my allergies too much and that the dog isn’t going to eat him, but otherwise Edward is a keeper!

And don’t worry about my little Dart. Yes, he’s getting ignored slightly thanks to the kittens, but I still make sure he gets plenty spoiled. We still go for walks, play fetch, cuddle, eat new treats, do training, and generally have all kinds of fun to distract him from kitten jealousy. We have our work cut out for us, making sure the poor guy can get over his kitten prey drive before we let one move in permanently. Have you ever struggled to introduce a new pet to the family dog? This will be my very first indoor cat, so I’ll take all the cat-proofing tips I can get!

Hope everyone had a lovely National Pet Day with your four-legged or other animal friends ❤

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  1. They’re so tiny! I often wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. I had a cat once but found out I was allergic and instead of getting rid of her I got allergy shots for many years until she passed away. Since then, no more cats for me.

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