Celebrating the Newest Teenager in our House

My young pup Dart is now thirteen years old! Though it’s true that we recently had a foster teen move into our house too, Dart wins the title of “newest teenager.” Look at how distinguished my old man is looking with his lightening chin hairs ❤

We first met our little Dart on August 7, 2008. As dachshund owners already, we were bound and determined to get another wiener dog puppy in our lives and had been in talks with a breeder in Greenwood, Indiana. Good luck led us to Indy on August 7, 2008, for a Good Charlotte and Metro Station concert (I won tickets on the radio, my secret talent) and we were able to meet our breeder’s litter of puppies that night too. They put one puppy in my husband Kyle’s hands, one puppy in my hands, and I pretty instantly said “we have to get this one!” Dart is in my left hand in this photo of the first day we met.

This sweet little guy wasn’t quite old enough to leave his mama yet, so he had to stay with the breeder a few more weeks before he could come home with us. When we put him back in his pen with his dog family, Dart cried and cried to stay with us! I should have known then that he might be a little bit of a drama queen 🙄 Finally he was able to move into our home on August 22, and it was so cute!

To be more honest, it was cute except for the fact that our other dog Roxas hated Dart at first. Rox was not the smartest at dog language and didn’t have a lot of friends, and being nice to a new puppy wasn’t his first choice at all. Can you see the look of contempt and confusion here?? Rox’s eyes are actually glowing red with hate and puppy jealousy!

There was growling, there was nipping, there was Rox knocking Dart down in the yard, and it was a slightly rough welcome for baby Dart. But they slowly learned to share and get along more. Honestly the joke’s on the old dog, he stupidly taught Dart it was fun to knock down other dogs, so when Dart ended up being the bigger brother, sorry to Rox for getting bowled over in the yard! But every once in a while they were pretty cute together ❤

All this reminiscing gave me all the feels, but let’s wipe away these tears and celebrate my friend Dart! Poor guy hates fireworks but has a birthday on 4th of July weekend, so a little extra spoiling is sometimes called for. So here’s what we did: filled a long weekend with treats, games, and snuggles. To start Dart’s birthday off right, he enjoyed the finest (diet) canned food. I love him and all, but I just couldn’t allow dog food in the bed, so later in the morning we progressed to *me having breakfast in bed while he cuddled. Those stupid fireworks were scary, so my buddy stuck extra close to his humans all weekend. Finally, we all had ice cream as a family and Dart made sure to use his favorite puzzle toy at breakfast the next morning. Oh, and Dart got some extra love when the foster kid helped groom him and rub his belly.

Maybe the only thing we missed was buying Dart something just for his birthday. All the treats and toys and attention were already things we had around our house, but I don’t think he even noticed we forgot to purchase an actual present! We’ve been so lucky to have Dart around for almost thirteen years now and hopefully we can make it to fourteen or beyond. He’s been here for more than a third of my life and always tries his hardest to be my best friend when I’m sick or sad or just need some dog loves. Perhaps next year’s birthday celebration needs to be even more epic, because my dog Dart deserves it for sure.

Happy adventuring everyone!

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