Visiting the Las Vegas Ballpark

This weekend we ventured out of the house for an evening of baseball fun with at the Las Vegas Ballpark. It may have been our first sporting event of the year, what were we waiting for?! A Minor League team, the Las Vegas Aviators have been in the area since 1983 but moved into their Summerlin ballpark and changed to their current name in 2019. Coincidentally, the last town we lived in also had a baseball team called the Aviators. I guess it was meant to be? Thanks to three FREE tickets, my husband an I were able to take our foster kid to his very first baseball game on Friday night ❤

So how did we score free tickets? Thankfully, we know the right people. Our realtor and friend through the Purdue Alumni Club of Las Vegas happens to have season tickets, and quite frequently has leftover tickets he can’t quite use. Lucky for us, these tickets also come with complimentary valet parking, VIP gate access, and access to the Club Level indoor amenities. Did we use all that? Lol, no. But maybe next time we’ll be wiser. After we couldn’t figure out the parking situation and parked on the street, we also took forever to find the staircase the led up to our little club and buffet area. Next time we’ll actually use the correct entrance to save ourselves the heartache of walking all over the ballpark 🙄

Arriving almost an hour before the game started, we were some of the first 2,000 fans inside and earned the free giveaway: matching Aviators hats for the family. Aren’t we so cute twinning in our baseball caps? With our free hats, free tickets, and free parking, our budget was wide open for us to enjoy a super-yummy buffet dinner.

Only an option at the Club Level, the Las Vegas Ballpark has a buffet for $29/person. We enjoyed plenty of real foods like green beans, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and chicken. And for those that weren’t feeling quite so fancy and healthy, there was also the option to load up on hot dogs, corn dogs, and mini donuts, yum! I may have eaten about 3 of the mini donuts, throwing caution to the wind and pretending my belly could handle gluten just fine for one evening 😬 We continued to have access to all the buffet foods until the 8th inning, but the best-kept secret of the Club Level was my ability to run back up there for super-clean restrooms without all the crazy lines you expect at a sporting event.

I’d say our seats were quite good, but what do I know about sports? We were right here in the Dugout Prime section, overlooking the visiting team’s dugout and with an unobstructed view of the line from third base to home plate. Well, unobstructed except for the giant nets protecting us from stray baseballs. I never got hit by a ball, win! I’m absolutely not prepared at all to catch a rogue baseball. Sometime while I was away collecting a root bear float, someone did manage to get a spare ball for our foster kiddo. What a great souvenir!

So that was our night out as a family. We enjoyed the beautiful Las Vegas evening with views of palm trees, lovely comfortable weather, and even a little bit of the mountain views I crave. Seriously, they planned this park and the game times so well that we couldn’t even tell that we live in the scorching desert. Even the mesh seats were planned out so that you don’t feel like a sweaty sticky mess while sitting at the game. It’s kind of wild reflecting on the fact that the Las Vegas Ballpark was one of the first places we visited when we moved here, and then one of the last big public venues we attended in March of 2020 before the pandemic. I’m so thankful now that with options like vaccines and masks we can keep building these traditions for our little family ❤

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