Making the Most of Our Outdoorsy Time

With days getting shorter and cooler temperatures coming to Las Vegas, Dart and I have re-committed to getting outdoors more often. In April, Dart started on a weight loss journey that was quickly derailed when he ate more than 2 pounds of people food and got a generous dose of chocolate toxicosis too. Rather than focusing on our weights on the scale, Dart and I are instead just adding in more healthy habits to our day-to-day lives. The vet agreed too, Dart could stand to lose just a little of his “fluff.” Seriously, watching this little doxie butt wiggle on walks every morning is the best!

Always one to enjoy tracking things, Dart and I started a new chart to keep tabs on his progress with daily walks, FitPAWS exercises, and toothbrushing. I’m the type of person that would LOVE to have a little activity tracker for my dog, but alas, I haven’t prioritized a doggy fitbit in our budget yet. Pretty sure my husband would double roll his eyes if I bought a tracker to tell us our 13-year-old dog loves to lay around all day, lol. This desert heat is usually an excuse for us not to exercise, thanks to there being so little time in the mornings and evenings to enjoy mild temperatures that won’t roast a tiny black dog.

In Las Vegas our lives seemingly revolve around two things: 1. do we have enough shade, and 2. do we have enough water? Oh, and occasionally the third: does my electric car have enough juice to get us there and back?? Thankfully I’m getting rather skilled at tracking the sunset times so we can venture out to our favorite places. Poor Dart’s feet are nowhere near ready to do five miles on the trails with us, so he just settles for outdoorsy time at home or on car rides too.

For real, this pup has been soooooo much happier since we’ve started going out for our daily walks again. Indoor exercise just isn’t the same as Dart getting out to see the neighborhood, feel the real grass under his feet, bark at kids headed for the bus stop, and smell all the smells at our tiny park. It does wonders for his mental health and we can just see that look of relaxation and contentment exuding from the old guy. Weirdest thing: he’s even getting calmer for car rides when we go to pick up a kid from tennis practice. Hopefully this little dachshund will stick around for many more years of adventures with us, because he’s becoming such a sweet little companion ❤

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