Costco Meal Prepping

My husband got a new side hustle teaching, yay! He’s going to be spending a bit more time away from home, but what a great opportunity for him to teach future electricians 🙂 As I finalized my shopping list and weekly menu this morning, I almost didn’t realize that my husband’s dinners away from homeContinue reading “Costco Meal Prepping”

The Cost of Going Solar (and Why We Haven’t…Yet)

You see them dotting the rooftops in almost every Las Vegas neighborhood; solar panels are a popular option to supplement your home’s electricity supply in the desert. With a husband that’s an electrician, and me an occupational therapist, I feel like we’re always discussing new ways to make our house more functional, efficient, or evenContinue reading “The Cost of Going Solar (and Why We Haven’t…Yet)”


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